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This cheese contains the best milk from the Montbrú farmhouse in Moià, which grazes freely in the surrounding fields and forests, thus prioritizing animal welfare and respect for their life cycles. In addition, it has a long and slow maturation that allows concentrating on each one of the pieces more than 30 years of trade, experience and learning around the world of cheese. The result is a cheese with an intense and fresh flavor, with a smooth and buttery texture, which adapts to all palates.

This is a personal project of Oriol Antúnez, the second generation in charge of the cheese factory and passionate about his work, as he conveys when talking about the Sarró Experience: 'it has allowed me to put all my attention and the five senses in the curd, the cut slow the lira and press each of the cheeses by hand with the cloth. And once inside the maturing cellar, with the calm and silence that is breathed, I have been able to give each cheese the manual work that it requested and enjoy to the fullest the smells that the fungi give off that give Sarró its character. '

This limited and numbered edition, which only reaches 800 pieces, wants to bring to the maximum expression the most recognized cheese in the cheese factory, Sarró de Cabra, which was awarded as the best flower-skinned cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards 2019-2020. And thus to ensure that the texture, aroma and flavor transport the diner in the forests and meadows of Moianès.

IN THE KITCHEN: It is a must in any cheese and charcuterie board. It is the perfect addition to the bread with tomato, or a great appetizer matching with a fresh beer or a glass of wine.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat’s milk, salt, lactic starters, calcium chloride and rennet.

FORMATS:  900g.

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