Montbrú proudly presents its Cheesefuet XXL

Montbrú Cheeses proudly presents its Cheesefuet XXL and continues to reinvent cheese with new consumption formats. The Moianès-based cheesemaker aims to bring artisanal goat’s cheese to the general public with a conveniently-sized and affordably-priced product that’s easy to slice and store, with a moderately intense flavour to suit all tastes.

Cheesefuet XXL is a goat’s cheese produced in an entirely new way through a Montbrú-patented formula that combines different cheesemaking techniques applied to the rennet enzyme, producing a cheese encapsulated in a vegetable casing. The cheese is then matured for four weeks, enabling the generation of the exterior mould that gives it the woody and mossy aroma that makes it so special.

Two varieties of the innovative cheese are being launched: plain and truffle, a very special ingredient, typical of the Moianès region, which gives the cheese a delicate aroma and an exquisite flavour. Both varieties can be used in all sorts of recipes at home: as a pizza topping, in salads, on tomato-rubbed bread, grated into a risotto or as a dessert with a good jam.

Last but not least, Cheesefuet XXL is made from premium certified Catalan goat’s milk, guaranteeing top quality and showing Montbrú’s commitment to reviving goat milk production in Catalonia.

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