We are Ranchers

Our herd grazed by the meadows and forests of Montbrú, prioritizes animal welfare and respects vital cycles above the amount of milk produced, respecting the cycle of natural gestation our animals.

Milk, origin
of cheese

Milk is the raw material from which the cheese is made; To prepare the cheeses Montbrú we work with those herds that offer us the most exquisite milk in our environment.

The flock of Montbrú

Andreu is our reference breeder: graze the flock through the meadows and forests of Montbrú, prioritize animal welfare and respect vital cycles above the amount of milk produced. The type of livestock of Andreu makes her herd grazing freed by a large area of forest land, dry pasture and green pasture, milking once a day (moment in which she takes advantage to gather all the cattle and give you quality control), and that the natural gestation cycle is respected. Thanks to this way of doing, animals have an unbeatable quality of life and our milk is of extraordinary quality; a way to make it want to be a mirror for all those farmers that work with and for us.

Catalan goat's milk

Montbrú started cheeses in the early eighties with the first flock of goats. The effort and the certainty of wanting to produce carefully crafted cheeses brings us to work intensely and that twenty years later, and thanks to the development of the company, we must look for milk in other places of the territory. Currently, we have 35 herds that work exclusively for us, 35 herds from all over Catalonia, from Rasquera (in the Ribera d'Ebre) to Sant Pere Pescador (in the Alt Empordà), our own milk we collect day after day.

In the case of goat's milk, with the distinctive seal of Catalan goats we are sure to obtain the best quality of the product and the livestock farmer, for his part, it can bring about greater economic benefit . And it is that in Montbrú we have also opted for the recovery of goat livestock in Catalonia, helping young farmers to get started and begin to dedicate themselves to this profession so praiseworthy.

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