Benefits of goat milk


Goat milk improves symptoms related to stress, such as insomnia, constipation, indigestion, migraines and eczema. This is due to the medical properties of the short- and medium-chain fatty acids found in goat milk.

Nutritious, healthy food

Goat milk is considered to be a functional food as it enhances health. Goat milk is extremely digestible because of the natural homogenization of its fat globules, which are small with a large surface area, so they can be broken down by enzymes more easily than fats in other types of milk.


Consuming goat milk reduces overall cholesterol total and the LDL fraction thanks to its medium-chain amino acids (caproic, caprylic, capric).

Alternative to cow milk

Goat milk is a great alternative to cow milk for anybody with a digestive disorder, stomach ulcers, colitis, heartburn or problems with the liver or gall bladder. Goat milk is fairly alkaline (pH 6.7) and highly digestible.

Benefits of buffalo milk

A health cheese

58% more calcium than cow milk.
40% more protein than cow milk.
43% less cholesterol than cow milk.

Lighter and tastier

Using buffalo milk, we make cheeses with a lighter taste than goat cheese and tastier than cow cheese. It has a rich, intense taste that lasts a long time on your taste buds.


A rich source of iron, phosphorous and Vitamin A. It also has high levels of the natural antioxidant tocopherol.

For people with lactose intolerance

A great alternative for people with an intolerance to the lactose, during the process it disapears by the action of the starter cultures by transforming it onto lactic acid and gives us a value of less than 0,01% of lactose presence.

Benefits of sheep milk

Higher energy

Sheep milk has double the concentration of proteins and fat, with a higher energy value than cow milk.


Sheep milk is very rich in vitamins, trace elements and macro-minerals, as well as iron, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium phosphorous, sodium and manganese, a deficiency of which can lead to health issues for children and adults.


Sheep is easier to digest than cow milk. Highly recommended for older people.


The minerals found in sheep milk are involved in hormone synthesis, cell reproduction and the body’s immune system.

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