Here you will find a series of tips and tips to enjoy your favorite product.

1 | Temperature

The optimal temperature to taste the cheese is between 16 ºC (the fresh ones) and 22 ºC (the cured ones).

2 | Knives

To cut the cheese you must use the most appropriate tools: for soft and soft cheeses, a soft leaf knife with holes. And for hard and cured cheeses, a hard-knife with holes.

3 | Trick

If you cut the cheese, you can heat the knife's leaf with hot water.

4 | The Cut

Each cut of cheese must have a part of the heart of the cheese and a part of the bark. Cheeses mature from the inside out and the taste varies from the heart to the bark.

5 | Cut slowly

It is advisable to cut only the cheese that we want to consume. If we break too many pieces and spare, outdoor exposure will cause the cheese to last less.

6 | With bread

The toasted or dry bread is ideal for cheesy cheeses. The soft bread combines better with hard and cured cheeses.

7 | Pairing

There is a wide variety of foods that marid perfectly with the cheese: the fruit varied like the pear, apple, pineapple, peach, plum or mango; Jam and confectionery, especially red or yellow fruit and nuts, walnuts, almonds or pistachios.

8 | Assortment

A good assortment of cheeses can be considered from 5 to 7 different cheeses, with an average of 20 g of each type of cheese. The assortment can be accompanied by 3 or 4 supplements and 1 or 2 wines.

9 | Beverages

Wine and cheese are always served well, but keep in mind these four details:
1) Combine younger cheeses with soft, never too acidic or very fruity wines.
2) Soft paste cheeses combine very well with cava.
3) The most matured cheeses (over 6 months) are accompanied very much by red wines with a reservation.
4) The old cheeses or cheeses may be accompanied by a natural sweet wine.

10 | Beer

Cheeses combine very well with handmade beers, which offer a wide variety of tastes.

11 | Preservation

With regard to temperature, you should try to keep the cheese always cold, at 4 ºC, which is the temperature at which it is best preserved.

12 | Close

After keeping it packed, we can store it in a closed container, in the refrigerator or in a cool place. And better if we can separate the soft cheeses from the hard ones.

13 | Time

For fresh cheeses you can prepare a saline solution with 80% water and 20% salt and dip the cheese. It will treat a salty hair, but it will greatly prolong your expiration date.

14 | Protection

Keep it moist. It is essential to preserve the original characteristics of the cheese. To achieve this, you must always protect the cheese with the original packaging or paper, or with a suitable material: paraffin wax paper, cotton for hard, or film (better perforated) for both.

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