Our farming roots

The Montbrú farmhouse dates back to 1450 and its structure suggests that it used to be a farmyard for herds of sheep and goats. However, it is not until the beginning of the 19th Century that we find records of its activity, with documentation showing that, around the year 1800, in the area surrounding this farmhouse that sits on top of a hill overlooking the village of Moià, there was a combination of livestock farming and vineyard cultivation.


The changes caused by phylloxera

At the ends of the 19th Century, around 1890, phylloxera reached the county and they had to redesign their operations completely, with grazing livestock becoming the main focus of their activity. Once they could be milked, these first cows and sheep supplied the first milk used to produce the first mató (Catalan pressed cottage cheese) and whey cheeses, either for their own consumption or to sell at the market on Sundays.


The first herd of goats

The Antúnez Llonch family from Moià, headed by Pere and Imma, arrived at the farmhouse with the plan of introducing a herd of goats as a source of income for the household economy. It was at this point that they began making whey cheese and mató from goat milk, which was later sold at the market or to Cal Maties, the family butcher’s in the village.


The Montbrú brand is born

After a few years carrying out lots of trials making cheeses from goat milk, in 1989, Pere and Imma decided to set themselves up legally as a cheese dairy. They chose the name Montbrú in honour of the farmhouse from which the dairy had originated (which, according to linguists, comes from the Latin term ‘monte bruno’ or ‘dark mountain’). Under this new brand, they made and produced whey cheeses, mató and semi-cured goat cheese, which they sold in Moià, other towns in the neighbouring counties and also in the city of Barcelona.


Change of image and new products

The Montbrú brand began to make a name for itself and so they decided to take the next step forward and update the cheese dairy’s image. The new logo was based on the icon of a typical farmyard goat, an image that would represent the brand for many years. At the same time, the range of Montbrú products was expanded to include sour curds and cheese cakes.


Taking part in Medieval festivals

Over the years, a new recreational activity became increasingly popular and gave a real boost to the cheese dairy: Medieval festivals. Montbrú is strongly committed to this new sector and, every weekend, we travel around towns across the region to sell our cheeses. This has helped to build brand awareness throughout Catalonia


A larger team

While Montbrú had been a small company in the 1990s with a team of just 4 people, by the start of the year 2000, there were already 10 people working in the factory and 15 livestock farmers across Catalonia working exclusively for the Montbrú dairy.


The new factory

Growing demand for our products meant that we were outgrowing our little factory and had to look for new premises. We decided to make a large investment and build a factory with the latest technology in the village itself, in Moià. This new factory enabled us to work more comfortably and more efficiently to make our products, as well as maintaining our traditional production methods. As well as the new factory, the company also opened its new offices in the town.


Montbrú’s new image

We underwent the largest and most significant change of image that we have ever had. We changed the logo to the one we still use to this day. The new design shows drawings of prehistoric animals, which we chose to represent the strong links that the Moianès region has to the Coves del Toll caves. We also changed the colours of the labels and designed new packets and packaging to give the brand a fresh image that conveyed our three key values: quality, tradition and innovation.


Our first international gold award

With our Sarró de Cabra, we won the gold award at the World Cheese Awards, an international accolade that gave a great boost to the brand, putting it on a level with the most prestigious cheeses in the world.


Consolidation and regional network

The cheese dairy grew to reach a team of 40 workers in the factory and 40 livestock farmers, including goats, cows, buffalo and sheep throughout the region.


30 years of making
Montbrú cheeses

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary in top form, coinciding with the passing of the baton from Pere Antúnez, who has led our cheese company for the last three decades, to Oriol Antúnez, the second generation of the family. At Montbrú we currently export our products to over 20 countries and produce more than 25 types of cheese, mostly made from goat and buffalo milk.


Montbrú’s Sarró is the best bloomy rind goat’s cheese in the world

Sarró goat’s cheese has won the award for the world’s best bloomy rind goat’s cheese at the prestigious World Cheese Awards.

Montbrú is the best innovative
agri-food company in Catalonia in 2019

We win the Award for Agri-Food Technological Innovation (PITA) and it certifies us as the best innovative agri-food company in Catalonia in 2019, thanks to our new product, the Cheesefuet XXL.

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