We proudly present our Sarró Experience, a limited edition of our Sarró goat’s cheese. Each cheese is handcrafted by Oriol Antúnez, Montbrú Cheeses’ master cheesemaker.

Our Sarró goat’s cheese won the award for the world’s best bloomy rind goat’s cheese at the 2019-20 World Cheese Awards. The idea behind this special edition was to present the cheese in all its splendour.

This special edition cheese is made with pasture milk from the Montbrú farm. It undergoes a longer, slower maturing process in order to imbue it with the experience we’ve gained over 30 years surrounded by cheeses.

With this special edition I’ve allowed myself the luxury of doing what I enjoy the most: making time stand still.

I forget about everything else and focus all my senses on the curd, on the slow movements of the cutting harp, on getting just the right texture with the removal of the whey and on pressing each cheese by hand with the cheesecloth.

In the peace and quiet of the maturing cellar, I’ve been able to carefully craft each cheese step by step, savouring the aromas of the moulds that give the Sarró its special character.

I hope that the appearance, aroma, texture and flavour of this premium cheese transport you to the woods and meadows of the farm where I’ve honed my trade as a cheesemaker.

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