Montbrú unveils a new range of Fresh cheeses

Formatges Montbrú is excited to unveil a new range of fresh cheeses, which initially includes our Fresh goat’s cheese and our Mató (cottage cheese). Two genuine products presented in up-to-date packaging with a more accessible image.

Our Fresh goat’s cheese is a fresh cheese with a difference, worked by hand from start to finish. It has just the right amount of salt to enhance its delicate flavour and the sweetness of the goat’s milk. And it’s a great ally for sportspeople and those on low-fat diets. Meanwhile, our Mató (goat’s milk cottage cheese) is milky and fresh every day. This is a cheese with history and tradition, made using the same recipe for over 30 years.

For our new range, we use 100%-recyclable packaging materials that preserve the product in perfect condition while also helping us to meet our sustainability goals. What’s more, we’ve reduced the size of the product to 200 g, which is the ideal sale weight for this cheese according to market studies. As you can see, at Montbrú we’re constantly updating our range to adapt to changing market needs without losing our essence.

We plan to extend this new range of Fresh cheeses in the near future, adding our Fresh cheese made from skimmed goat’s milk, our lactose-free Fresh goat’s cheese, our Fresh sheep’s cheese and/or our Fresh grass-fed cow’s cheese.

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