Formatges Montbrú is proud to announce the launch of Alpí, made with Swiss cheesemaking craftsmanship. For this collaborative effort between two cheesemaking regions, Formatges Montbrú has enlisted the artisanal know-how of Magoth, a family company of Swiss master cheesemakers.

Alpí is a cooked pressed cheese with a yellowish hue, produced in large six-kilo units. It’s made from spring milk from Swiss cows that graze freely all day long in the green meadows of northern Switzerland. The abundance of green, tender, elevated and flower-filled pasture in this part of the world gives the milk unique characteristics, resulting in a cheese with a highly distinctive flavour.

With Alpí, Montbrú aims to bring all the craftsmanship of Swiss cheesemaking to Catalonia, working in close collaboration with the Magoth cheese dairy, tapping into all its experience and know-how, not to mention the technological innovation it applies while respecting artisanal processes.

The cheese is crafted in Switzerland, while the maturation process, lasting from six to eight months, takes place in the maturation cellars of Formatges Montbrú in Catalonia. On arriving at our facilities, the cheese undergoes a washing process with a blend of aromatic herbs, which impart a very special aroma, producing a truly singular cheese. During the maturation process in Catalonia, the cheese becomes suffused with aromas, mould, humidity and the characteristics of the Moianès region, giving it a distinctive regional character while maintaining the essence of Swiss cheese.

A perfect cheese, like all great Swiss cheeses, ideal for savouring with tomato-rubbed bread, but also fantastic for cooking, melting or making a fondue… You can purchase Alpí in your local food shop or in Montbrú’s online store.

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