Montbrú forms part of the hortivalor project of the IRTA, for the development of whey-based organic juices and creams

Formatges Montbrú forms part of the Operational Group of the Hortivalor project, an initiative of the IRTA (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology of the Government of Catalonia). This project involves working with, researching and experimenting with new uses of whey —milk serum—, a waste product generated by the curd formation process in cheesemaking.

The main goal of this project is the development of innovative, safe and highly functional organic vegetable- and fruit-based juices and creams. To this end, the identification will be made of the raw material with the optimal properties for the case studies, actions will be proposed for monitoring and improving production, a treatment will be validated for high hydrostatic pressure, and new juices and creams will be developed with fruit, vegetables and whey, characterising them in order to ensure safety standards and a high value in bioactive compounds. SMEs and the scientific community will be informed of the results of the initiative.

Funding: Project funded through Operation 16.01.01 (Cooperation for innovation), part of the 2014-2020 Programme for rural development in Catalonia, by virtue of Order ARP/133/2017, of 21 June —which approves the terms and conditions for funding cooperation for innovation by fostering the creation of operational groups of the European Association for Innovation in agricultural sustainability and productivity, and by implementing innovative pilot projects by the aforementioned groups—, and Decision ARP/1531/2019, of 28 May, through which the call for applicants for the said funding is made.


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