Le Gruyère 1655


Le Gruyère 1655

Premium reserve (18 months) - lactose free

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Triar Pes

This cheese is only produce within the summer period with the best milk of the Alps. It was awarded as the best Gruyere of the world in 2013. A complex pattern of flavour with hints of flowers, fresh grass, toasted sugar, dried fruits. Due to its long ripening process it is an essential flavour for the lovers of the exquisite cheese.

INGREDIENTS: Raw cow milk, salt, rennet, lactic starters.

WINE-PAIRING: Young white wine or cava.

IN THE KITCHEN: Essential in a good cheese board, ideal for fondues, salads o grated with a micro plane, in risotto o pasta dishes.

Nutritional information. Average nutritional values per 100 g of product
Protein27,00 %

1,00 %

of which sugar0,00 %
Fat32,00 %
of which saturated fat19,00 %
Fat material on dry extract49-53 %
Energy (kJ-kcal/100g)1660-400
Salt1,50 %
Calcium0,88 %
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