Cured goat's cheese portion 180g

Cured goat's cheese portion 180g

Goat cheese

Cured goat's cheese portion 180g

Mature goat cheese

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With character, goat’s milk shows that it has matured and gives us sweeter and rounder flavors reminiscent of nuts. Semi-hard texture, brittle. A veteran with character. 

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized goat’s milk, salt, rennet, stabilizer: calcium chloride, egg lysozyme, lactic starters.

WINE-PAIRING: Red wines, or white with character, as well like toasted beers.

IN THE KITCHEN: On a cheese plate it makes a difference with the cured cheeses. We can also use it grated, for example in risotto.

Nutritional information. Average nutritional values per 100 g of product
Protein24,86 %

5,68 %

of which sugar0,00 %
Fat36,91 %
of which saturated fat26,12 %
of which monounsaturated9,20 %
of which, polyunsaturated1,59 %
Energy (kJ-kcal/100g)1885-454
Salt1,17 %
Calcium0,82 %
Goat cheese

Garrotxa 2 Kg

Semi-mature goat cheese

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