Matured buffalo cheese 2,5 Kg

Matured buffalo cheese 2,5 Kg

Buffalo cheese

Matured buffalo cheese 2,5 Kg

Matured buffalo cheese - LACTOSE FREE

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Matured buffalo cheese with 10 months of aging to obtain the gentle aromas and amazing taste.

WINE-PAIRING: A cheese which, due to its bitter notes, pairs very well with a fruity white.

IN THE KITCHEN: Works very well as a dessert with dry figs or quince.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized buffalo milk (60%), pasteurized goat milk (40%), salt, calcium chloride, rennet, egg lysozyme and lactic starters.

FORMATS: 2,5 kg.

Nutritional information. Average nutritional values per 100 g of product
Protein21,07 %

3,23 %

of which sugar0,00 %
Fat39,80 %
of which saturated fat28,40 %
of which monounsaturated9,85 %
of which, polyunsaturated1,54 %
Fat material on dry extract59,04 %
Energy (kJ-kcal/100gr)1885-455
Salt1,25 %
Calcium0,78 %

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